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Relive the great historic military conflicts through our collectable toy soldiers and military miniatures. Throughout history military battles have been the defining moments which have created great civilizations. Now you can recall history everyday with a prominently displayed case of toy soldiers and military miniatures assembled for your favorite battle. Each toy soldier, military miniature, model ship or model airplane is exquisitely designed with a high degree of authenticity. Own a piece of history and enjoy your toy soldier or military miniature as a reminder of those special people, places and times that molded our world today. Whether you are a toy soldier collector, a history buff or just in search of that unique gift or accent piece to complement a room's decor, Small Regiments can get you started.


TOY SOLDIERS - March through history from ancient Egypt, to the Roman Empire, the American Revolutionary War, Napoleonic Wars and World War II.

MODEL AIRPLANES - Soar above the 20th century conflicts and into the commerical world of flight with a plethora of airplanes which made their mark on history.

MODEL SHIPS - Sail through time on the Cutty Sark, the Victory, the Bounty, the Titantic,and more.

MILITARY CHESS SETS - Develop your own war strategies and see if you can change the course of history with chess sets depicting the Crusades, the American Civil & Revolutionary Wars and the Battle of Waterloo.


Collecting - The why, who and how on collecting.

Unique Gifts - Get ideas on what unique gifts are best suited for that special someone with an interest in history, the military, aviation or nautical pursuits.

Personal Decor - Put your individual mark on your decorating by incorporating your passionate interests in military history, aviation or sailing. See how it's done with taste and imagination.

Being There - Slip back in time and identify the museums and sites that house the history, personage and memorabilia from which the miliary miniatures are designed. A list of great places to visit are highlighted with location and brief descriptions. Visit often, as this list will continue to grow!

Historic Travel - Travelogs of the great places in military history will appear here on a regular basis. These travel recommendations coupled with our Being There section should prove useful in planning those special vacations to the parts of the world that hold the historic sites for which you are the most passionate.

Books, movies, magazines - Read about the military, the battles, the weapons, the strategies, and the people who made military, aviation or nautical history. View our choice selection of books and movies.

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